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Juga-Naut & Giallo Point | Eternal Sky

Some deep shit here from Juga-Naut. I wasn’t sure where he was going at first, that opening line was weak to me. I mean, “disguise your pain with bravado” is the type of cliche which might work as a punchline or to fill out the tail end of a verse but I wasn’t feeling it as the starting point, almost tuned out. That would have been a mistake. The lines that got me pondering were “I feel like my love for the art life’s my biggest curse/The blessing is disguised in the lesson/The test is my musical profession/I choose depression“. I’m still not actually sure if I like the track, some bars hit harder than others and I’m not sure the truism he’s talking about is one I want reminding of often, if ever. But I have to admit that’s a nice way of putting it.

“Eternal Sky” is excerpted from Juga’s recent album alongside Giallo Point, titled Smoke Filled Room and available now on your favourite streaming service. Physical copies appear to have mostly sold out but Suspect Packages still have the tape and there’s a poster of the awesomely loud album cover art available on Juga’s Bandcamp. | Ringo

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