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Dabbla | Randeer

Its not long till the release of Year of the Monkey, the first solo albumĀ from Dabbla (LDZ, Problem Child) and I’m pretty excited. One of the most charismatic emcees in … Continue reading

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Normanton Street | Life’s Real EP

No ifs, not buts, no doubts, “Angelene” is absolutely one-hundred percent brilliant. That ever-so-almost languid beat, so perfectly poised between couldn’t-give-a-fuck make-do time-keeping and nervous energy. But mostly Ned’s performance. … Continue reading

July 18, 2016 · 1 Comment

Curren$y | Good Cop, Bad Cop

What you gonna do when they come for you?

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Bobbie Johnson Summer 2016 Tour Dates

I can’t quite figure whether or not it would be good value to buy a festival ticket purely to catch a Bobbie Johnson set but I wouldn’t say it’s entirely … Continue reading

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Quelle Chris | It’s About That Time

Funny how the two most topical songs to have caught my ear in the last week are both older tunes leaked in response to the wave of revulsion following the … Continue reading

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Bomma B | Bombs Still About

It’s not taking anything away from the high-vis impact of events like Skepta winning a BET award but for me it’s moments like this that make grime so addictive. I’ve … Continue reading

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Rum Committee | Summers Broken | free stream/DL

Near the start of Rum Committee’s Summers Broken mixtape there’s a skit, a snippet of someone (Gi3mo, I think) boasting to a group of mates about the time he was … Continue reading

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Reks ft/ RA the Rugged Man | Bitch Slap

Two hard as diamond rhymers on one track is always a good thing, and when its Reks and RA the Rugged Man, you know both are going to throw down. … Continue reading

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Live Tonight! Poets Vs MCs Youth Team Battle

Looks interesting. I didn’t even know there was an open air theatre in Dyke Road Park but checking out a few photos it looks like the perfect venue for some … Continue reading

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Gee Bag | Still Rockin’

South London’s Gee Bag stays rocking that ill shit while reading an early edition of Jeff Chang’s classic hip-hop history “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” and he does it without the … Continue reading

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VVV | Bozo Boyz

Nottingham’s finest group of lyrical heavyweights Cappo, Juga-Naut and Vandal Savage continue their charm offensive with this latest instalment of addictive absurdities and cryptic glamour. Let’s have an album soon, … Continue reading

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Swiss | I Can’t Breathe

R.I.P. Alton Sterling.

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General Steele & Hakim Green | Ali Bumaye

Haven’t been keeping up with all of the Muhammad Ali tributes (there must have been a few, right?) but I doubt there’ll be any to match up to this. When … Continue reading

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Fliptrix | The Chronic

Who knew Fliptrix likes to smoke weed? On the real I think he’s too productive to be a weed smoker. Same as Snoop, Devin, Curren$y. Either that or all the … Continue reading

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