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Motman & Micall Parknsun | Still Running

Some guy in the YouTube comments for “Still Running” complains “Why is he reading bars off his phone?” as if that’s entirely a bad thing. Isn’t it just standard these days? My first thought was that reading bars to lip sync shows a certain level of dedication. Not as much as actually memorising the bars, but hey! This is UK hip-hop, let’s not hold set the standards too high.

Then I twigged that the bit where he’s reading off the phone is footage of a cypher, he isn’t even attempting to lip-sync. And I’m not exactly sure why they’ve put that footage in there either. Maybe to prove he doesn’t always look as nervous as he does in the rest of the clip, that he can chill in his element. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s just more proof of his dedication, an attempt to promise that with time he’ll round out his skills and learn to fake it for the camera.

On the other hand Micall Parknsun is there already, he’s done his time. He always comes solid on every angle and appropriately possessed. Even if he didn’t tell us he’ll “do this shit ’till I’m a corpse” you’d know that and respect him for it. Not that Motman doesn’t deserve respect too, from what I’ve seen and heard he seems like a sound guy and a capable MC. It’s not like dope lip-sync skills was ever one of the five elements. | Ringo P

“Still Running” is taken from Motman & Micall Parknsun’s third album together, the Covid lockdown epic The 3rd Tier which is streaming now on all the usual services. A limited run of 150 CDs is also available through Bandcamp and Suspect Packages.

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