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Jester Jacobs x Formz | Ket At A Wedding

A horse with a ponytail

I’ve never taken ket at a wedding but I have been inappropriately smashed on skunk at one, and pissed out of my brains at a fair few others. Feel worse about the alcohol consumption TBH, cos generally that was at weddings of people I actually like. I’ve never found a dead cert in a yurt down to flirt, either, and the only time I fancied the maid of honour was when my fiance was doing the duties. That’s how I remember things, anyway. Other than that this is some massively relatable stuff from Jester Jacobs and Formz from the ever reliable Revorg camp. And a free download to boot! Looking forward to their forthcoming album “Grimefulness” due out on October 10th and available to pre-order on Bandcamp now.

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