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Zatoichi’s Ears, Larry Diamond, Mic Ripz | Holodeck

Honestly, I’ve nothing (much) against Star Trek, but as someone who hasn’t watched much of it apart from those mediocre reboot movies since probably about 1997 my first thought watching “Holodeck” is they’ve managed to pull off that classic hip-hop manoeuvre of making something look and sound way cooler than it actually is. Like way back when MF Doom and Ghostface had me hyped for a Marvel Universe way beyond what any Hollywood dullards could conjure. Apart from that I was mostly trying to play catchup with the references until 2:23 when the guy with the big ears shows up. Ferengi! Suddenly I’ve caught a rush of bad memories, visions of Wesley Crusher, bad prosthetics, and whiny space capitalists. The catharsis when they rip his head off a few seconds later is super sweet, definitely big up Larry Diamond and the guys for that. Long may they drink Romulan Ale with Tribble Blood in the chaser. | Ringo P

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