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Truemendous + Skinnyman | Yourself Or The World

Woah! High Focus on an absolute roll right now. Not posting everything they’ve released over the last couple of months, but new guy Renelle 893 is worth checking out, as of course is the trickle of new singles from resident psychedelic genius Onoe Caponoe. Not to mention Fliptrix! I’m still not the biggest fan of Fliptrix, I always thought he was the weak link on his own label, but the fire in his singles from upcoming comeback album SZN are undeniable.

But if it were a battle Truemendous would slay them all. She’s got the kind of thought-provoking, earnest, deep bars you expect from a High Focus artist, but she also sounds like she’s having fun. That she isn’t trying to impress us with her intelligence, that she might even be dumbing down a little bit to help us slow folk catch up. Watching her arsing round town and country with Skinnyman in the video is a nice bonus. | Ringo P

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