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Legion Of Goon | Disgustin’

Funny what gems you miss when you’re busy just getting on with shit. But seeing I’ve got a few days spare and a mind to go on a voyage to the bottom of my inbox. Don’t reckon I’m going to reach the fabled Inbox Zero, but you never know. This was the second thing I clicked on and it’s an absolute banger, worth waiting a couple of months for. Or four years, if you’ve been hanging on since Stig Of The Dump and Stu The Don last came together to drop jewels as Legion Of Goon back in 2018.

Great pitch in the YouTube description as well, worth quoting in full.

“The devils & demons of this crazy world still loom large, hungry, praying on the weak & good. For too long the forces of whackness have cast their dark shadow over all things RAD!. Fear not tired citizens of this festering den of inequity; your faithful heroes re-emerge from their smokey den, dishing out contact highs, putting their adversaries on mega whiteys and blasting all purveyors of dink to kingdom come.”

Wahey! I’m sold. Blast those purveyors of dink! Whatever that is. | Ringo

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