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Black Josh – Hood Hippy & The Blosh EP

blackjosh01It pains me to type this — because I know it’s the type of line those silly boys and girls over at Noisey have done to death at this point — but I’m genuinely elated to see one of my favourite mixtape tracks from 2014 has finally been blessed with visuals. One of the big stories for me last year was my belated discovery of Manchester’s Blah! records, Black Josh’s #blahblahblackjosh and Lee Scott’s Tin Foil Fronts being the keys that unlocked for me nearly a decade of under-appreciated scouse wit. Most of their stuff is head music to sit down and soak up over a few listens but ‘Hood Hippy’ is one of the two amazing pop songs on ‘#blahblahblackjosh’ which take the whole thing to another level. At a pinch I’d say I prefer ‘Student Parties’ for its edge of transcendent cool but it’s a close run thing and it’s well worth checking this out for a fair, if fuzzy idea of where Black Josh’s head is at. Real artists don’t use image-stabilised lenses.

It’s also worth noting that Black Josh rounded off the year with The Blosh EP released for free via Blah’s bandcamp. If you’re new to his world I’d still say #blahblahblackjosh is still the place to start, for the rest of us any new Black Josh is welcome at this point.

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