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Wiley – You Know The Words

Clarke Peters As WileyI first spotted this at The Grime Report and I’m guessing their reaction is fairly typical of hardcore grime fans: it’s ‘bubblegum‘, a ‘chart attempt‘ and ‘hopefully this track won’t be on‘ his next album. Whatever. I can’t disagree with any of that. They also point out that Wiley ‘will receive a fair amount of slack‘ and that’s fair enough too. If anyone deserves a bit of slack it’s the godfather of grime, but I don’t think he really needs it this time out. It’s a decent tune. The wailing lady vocalist on the hook is a bit irritating but I’ll forgive him that for the bassline. Bubblegum at its tastiest. Also: kind of amusing the way his record label have dealt with the problem of Wiley never showing up to his video shoots this time round. Lester Freamon from The Wire playing Wiley in 33 years time? Perfect. Possibly the only person I can imagine looking as awkward as Wiley at a pool party surrounded by acres of bare flesh.

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