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Slipjam Tonight! Rumbustious Records Showcase w/ Adam & Bones, Gi3mo, Big Dave


Rumbustious Records? It’d be far too easy to make big claims about them at this point, but let’s not lose perspective. They’re still a way away from global domination but it’s easy to be impressed when they’re setting levels in a scene where quality control hasn’t always seemed a priority. Who else in Brighton rap is putting out so much serious product? That’s a sincere question. I’m not standing behind everything they’ve done. Some of it I love, some of it leaves me cold, but everything is fully realised. The music’s mixed to the point where it doesn’t sound like some clumsy demo, the artwork and design feels professional in the best sense. Everything’s polished to the point where it can shine to its full potential. If there’s anyone else in town challenging them I’d like to know.

Tonight’s Slipjam is Rumbustious Records showcase with Adam The Rapper & Sherlock Bones headlining to promote their recent set Don’t Move. Support comes from Gi3mo, whose recent Gary Guttersnypes: One Point Five is probably his strongest release to date, and Brighton veteran Big Dave aka Enlish, whose mixtape Delicious Heat is apparently immanent. See you there.


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