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Gi3mo – Seat Down

gi3mopissYeah, Gi3mo’s new video ‘Seat Down‘ is funny but it’s weirdly bleak too. The contrast between the arrogance of his delivery and the neurosis of (bits of) what he’s actually saying. The type of fucked up confidence it would take to, say, wander through the streets of your hometown spraying gallons of piss onto random tourists, describe yourself as ‘desperately hopeless’ and actually urinate on a toilet with the seat closed, golden rain streaming down the bowl into grim puddles on the floor. I also like the way he talks about his flow being on point. How can it be on point if the seat’s down? It’s going to go everywhere, we’ve established that. ‘Seat Down’ is from Gi3mo’s recently released EP Gary Guttersnypes: One Point Five which is available for free, now, from his Bandcamp. Gi3mo is also appearing as part of the Rumbustious Records showcase at Slipjam in Brighton tomorrow. Hopefully not pissing over the audience, but as ever in life there’s no guarantees.

3 comments on “Gi3mo – Seat Down

  1. Koaste
    June 10, 2014

    Seat down, not lid down, Ringo…

  2. Ringo P
    June 10, 2014

    Oh, man. Sometimes I am so monumentally slow.

  3. Ringo P
    June 10, 2014

    It’s cos the toilets where I grew up were so ghetto they didn’t even have separate seats.

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