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Dru Blu featuring Shanie – Probably (new video)

drubluandfriendDru Blu is feeling horny. Easy, ladies. So damn horny he feels compelled to tell the truth about the way he manipulates women to get his way with them. So damn horny he doesn’t even feel guilty about it. The newly minted video to album track ‘Probably‘ from last year’s ‘Double Or Nothing’ set is strangely charming despite potential grease overload. I think there’s something laudable about Dru’s determination to mate with women from as many different cultures as possible. Who was it back in the day that said that the best solution to the racial problem in the USA was for everyone to fuck everyone else so sooner or later everyone would have at least a hint of melanin? Chuck D? Too $hort? I know it wasn’t Ice Cube.

If I can sympathise there I struggle to get my head round Dru’s opinion that Jessie J has a ‘nice smile‘. Really? Worth mentioning also that the beat is by Davinche. There’s a name I hadn’t heard in a while. Entirely possible that this is my fault, of course, but if he hasn’t been busy it hasn’t been successful enough to encourage someone to update his Wikipedia page. This is entirely as good as  his beat for ‘Ps And Qs’ by Kano and considerably better than his effort for ‘Something About Your Smile’ by Tinchy Stryder.

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