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S.Kalibre | Christmas Is Here

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it’s kind of early but the end of year roundups are rolling out and the pressure is on. Technically Christmas is still twenty four days away, and S.Kalibre’s track is eight years old, but it all feels timely to me. Definitely worth mentioning first that S.Kalibre is still very much active and releasing quality material on Bandcamp, YouTube, and all the usual streaming platforms. I actually happened upon this track scrolling back through his discography after checking out recent single “Sobha Singh“, which is great and all but this is what I needed to hear right now. A timeless classic, if you will. Even more cutting now than it would’ve been back on original release in 2015. Buy some shit! If you haven’t maxed out your credit staying warm. Bah humbug. | Ringo P

PS: Just kidding. Bought my advent calendar yesterday. Let the gluttony begin!

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