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Longusto | Man Defiled (Land of Smiles)

If you’ve known Longusto as long as I have, then you’ll know two things. One: he’s got a sublime knack for telling a story, and two: Those stories generally involve the kind of events that 99% of other people would generally lock deep inside the dark recesses of their memory rather than go around shouting from the rooftops. But ‘Gusto remains truly in the 1%, and Man Defiled (Land of Smiles) is a case in point. I was told this certain story (no spoilers – watch the video) within a day or two of his return from a period of time spent in Thailand, followed by his announcement that he planned to head back with a videographer to make a music video about what happened. And lo and behold – he wasn’t kidding. The new album Gustodial Sentence is out now. Go get that. < Koaste

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