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Westside Gunn | Hitler Wears Hermes 2 VINYL RELEASE

Westside Gunn

Heard of Westside Gunn? To be fair, I hadn’t either until I got the heads up from 273 based producer The Purist, just before he dropped his Pyrex Scholar LP featuring the emcee from Buffalo, NY. Hitler Wears Hermes is now up there with my favourite releases of the year, and now thanks to Daupe, its coming out on limited edition vinyl. As with most things on Daupe, this is going to sell out real quickly, so if you want to grab yourself a copy, head over to bandcamp now and cop one before you cop out.
• Koaste

One comment on “Westside Gunn | Hitler Wears Hermes 2 VINYL RELEASE

  1. Paul fraser
    December 28, 2021

    Got an extra? Lol

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