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CASisDEAD – Nigella

casisdeadFor folk of a certain age there’s always going to be a bit of a barrier to worshipping the many charms of Nigella Lawson, given her odious dad was a famous Tory politician in the 80s with more than a passing resemblance to his daughter, chest and all. That last bit’s an assumption, you understand, but Nigel Lawson was definitely corpulent so despite his comparatively modest dress sense it’s safe to assume there was a substantial pair of moobs in there somewhere. Anyway. I’m not saying Nigella’s anywhere near as gross as her father, just that flashbacks have always made her charms very resistible. Top marks nevertheless to CASisDEAD for the concept here. I’d dock him a few points for not really sticking with it in the first verse but he definitely pulls back well opening the second verse with the despicably tasteless “dressed in Versace getting choked by Saatchi“. From thereon in it’s a win.

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