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Tonight! Slipjam! Featuring Ben Addict, Son Of Light, Ocean Wisdom

slipjam14_04_smallY’know, I will start doing proper show previews for The273 again at some point in the near future when I’m not quite so preoccupied, but right now it’s the best I can do to remind you that Slipjam is on tonight and it’s always worth the price of admission (and a wee bit more, most months). Highlight for me tonight is likely to be the amiable stoner rap of Dirty Dike’s mate Benaddict. Pre-show listening is going to be the Team Dreebs Vol 1 mixtape which features him heavily (and is available for free stream or download via the Bandcamp widget below). So what about the headliner, Norweigan veteran Son Of Light? I saw him do a guest spot at Boom Bap and…yeah. I’ll give him a second chance. He seemed like a nice guy. Sharp, focussed, professional. Speaking of professionalism there’s also the mighty presentational prowess of mic controllers Tom Hines and Enlish whose skills in managing potentially chaotic freestyle sessions are always impressive. Especially when they’re pissed. Anyway…yeah. Too much to preview, not enough brainpower to provide a comprehensive rundown. See you there. Don’t buy me a beer unless you really hate me and want me to suffer, I’ve got to get up early tomorrow morning.

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