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Kyle Rapps – Sub

Kyle Rapps sub

Just been bumping this new Kyle Rapps LP in the headphones on a late night run along the beach here in the 273 and its pretty dope. I didn’t really know the name before I posted his video for Watch Out a little while back, though it turns out that it wasn’t his first appearance on the site – there was a track with Homeboy Sandman and the Blastmaster KRS himself back in 2010 (Christ… have I really been running this blog for that long??). Anyway, his new release Sub is a pay what you want affair courtesy of Mishka and mixes some pretty out there beats with Rapps’ laidback phrase twisting. There’s also a few guest appearances including Action Bronson, Mr Motherfuckin’ eXquire and Murs amongst others. Well worth a few mbs of your hard drive.
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