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Welcome to the South Easy


Fuck yes. Its just about sinking in. After spending most of last night repeatedly pressing refresh on a Brighton forum to find out what was going on in a match where we were behind after twenty seconds, then back in the lead, then losing again in the second half, then finally and triumphantly back in front on the 90 minute mark. But its over now.

Brighton FOUR, Dagenham & Redbridge THREE. A result that means we are up. Back in the Championship. The second tier of English football. One promotion away from the promised land of the Premiership. And with a chairman/manager combination of poker professional Tony “The Lizard” Bloom and Gustavo Augusto Dominguez Poyet, I’m actually filled with confidence that we’ll do it, whether its next year or the year after.

One more win on Saturday and we’ll have Southampton giving us the guard of honour as Champions before our match the following week. There’s never been a better time to be a Brighton fan. A beautiful new stadium next season beckons, and my season ticket is booked. Join me.
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