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Random Spot Check #5 – Tyni 273

The Spot Check. We get artists from around the world to open up the masses of music stored away on their hard drives, have five tracks selected at random, and then attempt to explain away any embarrassing tracks that might have found their way into the selection. Pass or fail? Well, thats your call.

So, next up to get their hard drive ransacked in the search for weapons of reputation destruction is The 273’s very own Tyni. A regular behind the decks at live jams down here in Brighton, as well as his own Swafe nights, the big man’s computer is getting thoroughly worked over in the hope of finding incriminating evidence in the form of Southern Mesopotamian lute music, or Acid Nu-Country. Lets see what we’ve got here. We’re going to find something bad eventually… I’ll hand you over to Tyni.
• Koaste

Ok, here goes….

1./ Philly B ft/ Dabbla – Linkready Remix (Living Long Ting Mixtape – LDZ)
Wow, I was dreading doing this but it seems my luck is in with my first tune by my good friend Dabbla of LDZ (Brainstorm Mixtape Out Soon!) off the Living Long Ting Mixtape. A Killer Remix by Philly B-Also LDZ affiliated….peep and check Classic Lyrics – “Bars get Grimey like ya Living-Room Carpet…” ILL!

2./ The Mar-Keys – Banana Juice
I seem to be doing alright, but I’ve a feeling Shame is lurking around the corner….
Anyway this is one of the better Stax instrumentals, I love this version, and I’ve got a reggae cover of this that is fantastic but, alas, my memory isn’t allowing me that knowledge right now. Either way, this is a Beautiful Funk tune, Ideal for first thing in the morning!

3./ Elemental, Jon Clark & Teej – Bianca (Produced by Tyni & Tom Caruana)
It seems my luck is in! Not only have I avoided shame, but also lucked into some shameless self promotion!!
A Tale of Super-Villians all at odds with each other over a female Super-Hero named Bianca, all laced over a Hip-Hop swingy sort of affair made by the Genius behind many projects, including the Internet Sensation, Enter the Magical-Mystery Chambers-Wu-Tang vs The Beatles Tom Caruana and Me – That’s right, ME!
I’d better get a Dud soon, i can see how this is beggining to look Fishy, but I can assure you there is no Foul-Play here!

4./ The Astronauts – Syncopate
POW!! Was hoping I’d get some reggae on here, and here it is! A brilliant instrumental early Reggae tune, one of the lesser-known Skinhead Anthems and certainlly one of my favs when I was a Tin-Lid, and having re-discovered today I think I may have to pillage this for a new Secret Other Family banger, Word to 184!

5./ The Surfaris – Moon-Dawg
And lastly a completely random addition from my Legends Of Surf Guitar collection (WHAT??!!), a goody, very nice bit of Surf Guitar from the amazingly-named Surfaris..

Think I got off lightly there, could’ve been horrid if the Disney came up….OH, RIGHT!!

So, once again, the decision is up to you, the one reading this. Decide whether Tyni passes or fails the Spot Check, based on his music alone, and vote below. If you’re in the Brighton area, keep an eye out for the next Swafe event, and keep your ears peeled for more beats from Secret Other Family…

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