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Random Spot Check #4 (International Edition) – Homeboy Sandman

For those of you that don’t know about Homeboy Sandman, you need to get to know. In my opinion, one of the most talented emcees out there today, Boy Sand’s recently released LP The Good Sun has been in constant rotation on my stereo since I copped it, and here at the 273, we’re proud that he accepted the offer to lay bare his computer hard drive for a Random Spot Check. So, will his selection of tracks meet with your approval? Lets hand over to the man himself for this one.
• Koaste

Prezzure, (presently Mic Wilson) – YahAlreadyKnow (Instrumental)
Mic Wilson, (formerly Prezzure) sent me this beat back when his name was Prezzure. He sent it to me because I’d heard him perform the track and though it was slamming and wanted to be down. So he put me on a remix with Final Outlaw, YC the Cynic, Kalil Kash, and himself. The joint was slamming, even though “yahalreadyknow” is one of the hip hop phraseologies my sister and I make fun of, (“what’s really hood”, and “do you”, being two others from the multitude). The drums are mad hard.

Core Rhythm feat. Rabbi Darkside – Ex Patriotism
I’m not gonna have no corny tracks on my spot check because luckily my whole physiology reacts very violently to whack tracks so I don’t really have any of those on my computer. Here is a banger from Core Rhythm’s most recent album The Ecology, where he and Rabbi Darkside trade bars speaking on how they get so much more love for being dope emcees overseas than at home in the states. As my boy Why G? put it, The Ecology as a whole wins “Drums of the Year.” This cut is no exception and Rabbi and Core pass the baton back and forth rivaling Biggie and Jay on Brooklyn’s Finest. Cats overseas probably love this record even though cats over here don’t really know about it.

The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Take Five
I love jazz. The Dave Brubeck Quartet’s Time Out is one of my favorite albums of all time and I believe that listening to it gives people a better understanding of who I am. This particular cut is probaby their most well known so it’s too bad it’s the one that came up, even though it’s amazing. It was used in some car commercial a few years back and I felt like it was a personal victory for me. Amazing drum solo. The whole album only has 7 songs, and 6 1/2 of them are flawless to me. Track 2 takes a little while to get going if you ask me.

Richard Hawley – Tonight The Streets Are Ours
Mega tune. I got put on to it when I heard it in the movie Exit Through The Giftshop, and had to have it. Hawley keeps it real about how television is brainwash and how we’re capable of doing anything as long as we just believe in ourselves and how the streets are ours. I ran this heavy in my mp3 player when I first got it and got heavy looks from other riders on the train from the way I apparently look when I’m rocking to it.

I Am Many – Star Dust
Nobody else has this cut as it’s off Many’s up an coming album “Strength in Numbers.” If I put it on a blog he’ll wild out and rightfully so. So I guess I get a bonus cut.

Keelay and Zaire – Auranation (Instrumental)
Dag, I can’t put this one out either! Hot beat Keelay and Zaire sent me. Dag I need to rock this. Okay one more.

Nire – Warology (Instrumental)
I promise I’m not doing this on purpose. I’ve just got mad beats on my computer that I’m gonna use for something eventually. This particular beat is super exceptional. Nire did it and I’m working on a cut with Jasmine Solano over it that will be visible from space. So yeah, right now you can’t hear it.

John Robinson – Rapsloitation
What a fantastic way to end. This cut was off John Robinson’s entirely MF Doom produced 2008 release Who Is This Man? This cut is such an immense banger. JR is arguably the smoothest brother with the smoothest delivery of all time. This beat is crazy. This whole album had lovely sounds on it. Black Gold was another super banger off it. It was worth those three false alarms to end with this sensational cut.

Peace and love. “The Good Sun” in stores now.

Buy The Good Sun LP from iTunes HERE

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