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273 Fantasy Football 2010/11 [UPDATE]

The inaugural 273 Invitational Fantasy Football league is picking up steam, and we’ve got a few more entrants signed up and ready to go, so here’s a quick update as to who’s down to battle it out for the braggin’ rights.

If you think you should be considered for entry into the competition, drop us an email (The address can be found HERE) The season kicks off on the 14th August, so there ain’t a great deal of time to go. Lets throw a spotlight on the first entries to the league:

Name: Koaste
Team: Illwood Kings
Veteran of the UK scene, Koaste has worked with First Down, Black Grass & Dr Syntax amongst others, as well as being a major contributor to The273.com. Although his supported team, Brighton & Hove Albion lie two divisions below the Premier League, Koaste has good pedigree in these competitions.

Name: Herbie Dragons
Team: Bucka Juniors
Deejay for the Genius Squad and Ramblers Association, Herbie Dragons loyalties are with Liverpool, and will be looking to perform a little better than Rafa Benitez’ men did last season. Maybe the appearance of Roy Hodgson at Anfield can propel his presumably full quota of reds up the table.

Name: Legs MC aka Lloyd Lewery
Team: Howling Pack
Fulham supporting Legs has been writing and recording for various labels for a good few years, and has worked with producers including Skint Records/Warp Records Req1. Obviously Roy Hodgson’s exit for Anfield has hit hard, and we’ll have to see whether the confidence in the Cottagers’ players remains.

Name: HP aka Ewan Hood
Team: Lets Get It In
Owner of RareKind Records in Brighton, Tottenham supporting HP spends his days supplying heads all over the country with rare releases. One of the top seeds for this years league, he’ll be hard to beat with his ‘Arry Redknapp type wheeling and dealing a good look in a competition like this.

Name: Mad Hatter aka Sam Maryon
Team: Paraletic Athletic
One half of Brighton rap duo Bar Code, and a sick producer to boot, Arsenal supporting Hatter is the Jack Wilshere of the 273 league line up. Will he be filling his team with Wenger’s kids? Probably not, but we’re probably not gonna see too many Spurs players in there either…

Name: Clev Cleverley aka Neil Cleverley
Team: Black Rabbits
Coming straight outta Rotherham, Clev Cleverly is the Northern quarter of rap crew The Imagineers alongside Enlish, Dr Syntax & Hinesy Hines. If his alter ego Bloody-L Mariachi takes over, we may see a large number of Sparniards and Mexicans on his team, but there’s no Adam Le Fondre availiable now…

Name: Longusto
Team: ReallyRudeName
Australia-based Lincoln-raised rapper Longusto, the prodigal son of The Menagerie, is a Tottenham supporter and a liability. There’s always the chance that he might lose his log in details, in which case, his team will be slumped at the bottom of the table. However, he knows his onions, so top half is still a possibility.

Name: BlackBelt Jonez aka Tim Aldous
Team: Studs Pads & Red Socks
One of the 273 Contributors, and co-host of the 273 Radio show, BlackBelt Jonez is known for spinning that good Hip Hop at various places around Brighton. A Liverpool fan, he’ll be relying on Joe Cole to show that skill that has been missing so often whilst at Chelsea

There’s still plenty of time for new entrants. Got a few more ready to link soon. Remember, send me an email if you want to test your skills and get involved.
• Koaste

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