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Nizm (@ThatGuyNizm) – Deswaggified / Dreams

Things are definitely starting to pick up here at The273 – I’m now starting to get sent various bits and bobs from artists I’d otherwise never have heard of. Obviously, some of them, I’d prefer to still never have heard of, but sometimes, I’ll check a few tracks that an artist has sent through, and actually think they’re pretty good. Nizm is one of these guys. Found a little press release plus a few tracks in my inbox this morning from his recently released album ReDfined Xpression, and they’re not bad at all.

Deswaggified is a reaction to overuse of the word swagger in Hip Hop, helped along by live drums and a jumping keyboard loop, while Dreams uses the same Michael Jackson sample that Meth, Ghost & Rae did on Our Dreams, a slight switch on the Wu version, but catchy none the less.

The only thing missing from the press pack – which as Alan Hansen would say is a schoolboy error – is that he’s given me no idea where people are meant to get this album. I guess in these google-assed times, it shouldn’t be too hard to track down, but would have been nice to be given a few links… Still.
• Koaste

A true wordsmith, the name “Nizm” derived from a lost game of Scrabble. He later discovered that in Urdu, Pakistan’s national language, “Nizm” means “discipline” and in Japanese, the name means “new”. Thus, “Nizm” is symbolic of the refreshing diversity and maturity he articulates in his music.

Deswaggified – Nizm

Dreams – Nizm

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