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American Express Community Stadium Fly-Though [VIDEO]

All this world cup malarkey might be taking its toll on my state of mind, but there’s one thing thats cheering me up, even if England crash out today. In a year’s time, I’ll be getting ready for the mighty Brighton to kick off in our brand new American Express Community Stadium.

For anyone that doesn’t know, Brighton have been playing for the last eight years or so at the shambolic Withdean stadium aka The Theatre of Trees after our last ground was sold out from under us by the bunch of crooks that used to run the club.

For the start of the 2011-12 season, we’ll finally have a new home, and what a home it looks like it’ll be. Amex have paid around £5m for the naming rights – the biggest ever sum outside of the Premier League – and I’ll be able to watch matches without freezing my tits off in the rain.

Here’s a little flythrough I found, fronted by the LEGEND that is Des Lynam. This video is mainly about the 1901 Club aka The seats for those fans with bucketloads of cash. No disrespect to him, I guess at his age, you want something a little more cosy where you can watch the match, but I’ll be behind the goal with the rowdy crowd. One more year.
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