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Because I Can

What a track. What a head mental. Waaaaaaaaaaoaowowowowowaoaoaoa! • Koaste The entire band was intoxicated during a recording session where “Hawkins screamed, grunted, and gurgled his way through the tune … Continue reading

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Collie Buddz – Holiday [VIDEO]

Ahhh… This Christmas period is mad busy in the bar where I’m putting in the hours to get some scrilla. This is how I feel right now. Maybe in the … Continue reading

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Alan Partridge – Mid Morning Matters Episode 2 [VIDEO]

Here’s the second episode of Mid Morning Matters. Not the funniest Partridge script I’ve ever heard, but it has its moments. • Koaste

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Alan Partridge – Mid Morning Matters Ep. 1

Here’s part one of the highly anticipated return of Alan Partridge, courtesy of that piss poor, so-Australian-that-no-one’s-heard-of-it-over-there beer company. Mid Morning Matters sees him back on the radio at North … Continue reading

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WTF? #13: Exploding David Ginola

This is probably the most random advert for making efforts to cut energy bills I’ve ever seen. Not sure what the director’s idea behind this was, but its definitely a … Continue reading

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Skills on Wheels [VIDEO]

Whoa. This video is nuts. I only checked it on the off chance, but I’m glad I did. This is for you 273 Petrol Heads. I don’t drive (well, I’ve … Continue reading

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A Little Song Dedicated To The Pope’s Visit To The UK This Week

• Koaste

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The Grand Spectacular – Being A Dickhead’s Cool [VIDEO]

Nothing more to say. This dude killed it. • Koaste

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On Mein Head Son! Oops.

Ha ha ha… I could watch this clip for hours. There’s something about the fact you can see the ball coming from miles away, and you just know whats gonna … Continue reading

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Taking Pole Dancing To A Whole New Level

This shish is BUGGED OUT. I never thought I’d be mesmerised by a couple of nearly naked men cavorting on a pole (Low homo), but this is insane. Is this … Continue reading

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How Not To Celebrate 3rd Place At The World Cup [VIDEO]

Fair play to the Germans. They probably played the best football of the world cup, and were the tournaments highest scorers. They were better to watch than Spain in my … Continue reading

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John Hathaway (@UFCJohnHathaway) to Fight Dong Hyun-Kim at UFC 120

This might have been announced before, but just spotted on John Hathaway’s twitter that The Hitman will be facing off against the Korean Dong Hyun-Kim at UFC 120 (rumoured to … Continue reading

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Street Fighter Cats

My apologies if this is mad old, but I only just caught it. Something a little stupid for those back to the grill again on this Monday morning. • Koaste

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The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time [VIDEO]

Damn, there are some classics right here. Insults from Scarface, Full Metal Jacket, Bad Santa, In Bruges, right up to the classic “C@#k juggling thunderc*!t” from Blade Trinity… Well worth … Continue reading

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