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360 Physicals | Back for the Crown?

Almost every Saturday in the late nineties, a rag tag bunch of kids brought together through their love of all things Hip Hop converged from their various suburban towns and congregated on the corner of Poland St and Noel St in London’s Soho. Rappers, deejays and beatboxers by nature, these teenagers spent every possible moment digging through the crates in record shops like Deal Real and Mr Bongo’s for the latest drops, then congregating at one of the rare London resident’s pad in Bermondsey, spent hours freestyling and recording cipher tapes, the majority of which would only be heard by their own ears. This being the time before the invention of the internet, the crew kept in touch via pagers and landlines, spending weekend after weekend honing their skills and dreaming of the big time. Outside jams, freestyle ciphers garnered attention. People started to notice. Despite not having a release, Mixmag called them a crew to watch. Then, as adult life started to rear its head, the crew drifted apart. Life’s responsibilities meant that it wasn’t as easy to hit up every weekend in London. That was not to say that everyone drifted away from Hip Hop. Some embarked on solo careers. Some found a place within crews in their hometowns. The 360 Physicals, as they were known looked destined to become nothing more than a footnote in the annals of rap music in the capital.

Fast forward to 2021. A simple WhatsApp message from former Physical deejay Kong the Artisan, now living in Hong Kong, to the other mainstays of the former crew. Unfinished business. As if shining the batsign in the sky, the former crew members started reporting for duty. Killa Kela, world renowned beatboxer and member of Rocksteady Crew. Koaste, Brighton stalwart and former hype man for Black Grass and DJ Kormac. Jonny Virgo, a slick off the head emcee who had been performing with various bands and as a solo artist. Cristo Cannes, deep in the world of graffiti with a swag to his pen game that could only come about with years in the culture.

2022. Business getting Finished. Almost twenty five years on from making noise yet never getting a project under their belt, the 360 Physicals are back. A new album locked and loaded. A new momentum. A new focus. Back to doing just what they wanted to do in the nineties. New school Hip Hop with Old School style. The new LP Style Crown drops imminently on Noel & Poland Records. Get ready. < Koaste


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