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Lee Scott & Sly Moon | King Of What

Wondering if Blah records have ever been near the 6 Music playlist and if not whether they might make it there thanks to Lee Scott & Sly Moon’s staggeringly fresh new single, from the forthcoming album FDMB (Flippin Dough Makin Bread). Sadly, as UKHH.com report, it doesn’t look like FDMB will be coming to your regular streaming service any time soon, which is a shame but never mind. Those of you with a disposable income can pay tribute via Bandcamp, the vinyl is sold out but a download will set you back £8 from November 24th.

Personally I’m sure it’s going to be a great album, but times are tight so I won’t be hearing it for a while. Maybe if my efforts to flip dough and make bread prove more fruitful over the next few… months. Except, honestly, if I had any budget for boutique music I’d have to cop the recent Cult Of The Damned album first. Great as individual Cult members may be there’s a strange and awesome power that seems to manifest when they come together. In the meantime it’s good to hear Scott & Moon on such buoyant form, like a couple of guys with an inkling they’re about to ride a wave of long overdue acclaim. La. | Ringo P

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