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Welcome to the South Easy

Berwyn | I’d Rather Die Than Be Deported

Instant classic.

First thing I heard about this guy was he’s playing a show in Brighton later this year. Second thing was an earlier single which was okay but whatever, the concept didn’t grab me. Third thing was this. Guess I wasn’t paying attention when he got third place in some BBC awards thing earlier this year.

The video is a gem, too. It would likely have been a winner anyway for the single take beauty of the concept but his performance is insane, all the pent-up sadness in the song flips into rage when he’s hanging over the passenger side of that car and it almost looks like he’s doing a totally different track.

So then. Time to do some revision. Berwyn. Born name Berwyn Du Bois. Moved to Romford (from Trinidad) at the age of nine. Hasn’t been in the UK two decades and already he’s made more of a positive contribution to the culture than 99.87% of our elected political representatives over the same time. Salute! | Ringo

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