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MF Grimm | The Hunt for the Gingerbread Man 2

Percy Carey aka MF Grimm is someone who I’d imagine is definitely familiar with the bakery section in his local Morrisons, and might want to brace for the reactive hypoglycemia thats coming in hot after this creative concoction. The follow up to the 2007 release, The Hunt for the Gingerbread Man Pt.2 sees all sorts of patisserie based persons of interest cooked up and let loose over a series of freshly glazed beats from producer Darko the Super. Set in the United Cakes of America, this album part reminds me of Prince Paul’s Prince Among Thieves with elements of Grimm’s ear for a sample on onetime collaborator MF Doom’s Operation Doomsday, with stories of cannabalistic cookies, double crossing and intrigue more colourful than a Hummingbird Bakery window display. Clocking in at almost 75 minutes, this is less of a sorry-I-can’t-manage-dessert-petit-four and more of a tasting menu at Cakes and Bubbles but while this is an album that surprises and delights like a Bake Off:The Professionals showstopper (check Crumbs‘ sampling of Bonnie Tyler’s 80’s smash Total Eclipse of the Heart), it might not be something you’ll want to eat every day. < Koaste

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