"Up to date / state of the art / take part, get taken apart as I make my mark"

Welcome to the South Easy

Al Skratch | Be Original

Large Professor hits the buttons for this head nodder of a beat for Al Skratch to lace with some real stream of consciousness lyrics “get litty / I spit shitty” that work a lot better when you hear ’em rather than written out, and I’ve got a strong feeling they never saw a side of A4. “The aroma of the floor is scented / to grace my presence I am so authentic” – Not many emcees would have the charisma to carry some of these lines off, and I could quote from this track for days. Al Skratch “moves mountains, but who’s counting? Is your crew doubting?” Well The 273 isn’t doubting, as this track is just what I needed today, a little bit of Al Skratch “unfiltered/twisted/tilted” with a cheeky little video cameo from Audio 2’s Milk D. “All the homies round the way, they know what this is.” They certainly do. Its a banger. < Koaste

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