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Slowthai x Skepta | Cancelled

I love Skepta. Sincerely. I mean, not in the way I love my wife and kids or even in the way I love, say, Devin the Dude and the first two ODB albums, but I’m not just bullshitting either. I’m enough of a fan that I’ve still got a soft spot for “Cross Your Heart” from way back when his alienation was best expressed by lounging on palatial estates with lingerie clad models and Preeya Kaladis. And I’m enough of a fan to figure his horror creep routine here is almost undeniable. Almost.

But…sadly, the track itself misses the top tier of Skepta appearances for me thanks to a few clunky arguments that don’t quite stack up as he seems to think. Most importantly if he’s really convinced playing on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury is enough to give him immunity from cancellation someone needs to have a chat with Skepta about Rolf Harris. Other than that, great stuff and I’m looking forward to more of the same and most probably even better on Slowthai’s album at the end of the week. | Ringo

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