"Up to date / state of the art / take part, get taken apart as I make my mark"

Welcome to the South Easy

Onoe Caponoe | Funky Butterfly

On a lesser tongue the notion of a “Funky Butterfly” would invite at best polite appreciation of a metaphor too twee to take seriously, when Onoe Caponoe’s on the mic I’m willing to believe what I hear is the mediated voice of God with an inspirational and plausible vision of humanity transformed into a beautiful new race of funky butterflies. Great to see the High Focus logo on this too, a whole month after Caponoe posted on Instagram that he’d be releasing music independently from now on. Always good to hear differences settled with music. | Ringo P

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This entry was posted on October 2, 2020 by in Hip Hop Videos, New Release and tagged , .
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