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DanimaL & Oxymoron | Debauchery

What starts out as potentially light relief with DanimaL & Oxymoron giving us exactly what they promise soon turns into some hideously compelling fuckery. “She gives me head for a bag of respect” says Oxymoron, so cold it’s queasy, “Her stoumach’s pumped cos she’s drinking my stress”. DamimaL’s verse comes over intimidating and unhinged despite (or because?) I understand about half of what he’s saying. It’s obvious he’s awkward and shy and thought he would die. The rest I try and figure out from the demented look on his face and it scares the hell out of me.

If you’re interest’s piqued you might want to scoot over to the Bandcamp page of Sheffield native Oxymoron’s Polar Opposites where there’s four years worth of intensity to absorb. I’m still playing catchup but I can testify that the last couple of EPs from MOAN are both worth checking out, the track “Moaning” especially is the kind of anthem for prematurely miserable old gits I can totally get with. | Ringo

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