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Welcome to the South Easy

Gee Bag & Illinformed | Foreigners

More sweet soulful pain and rage from Gee Bag and Illinformed set to the kind of imagery sure to provoke anxious nostalgia from any Briton old enough to remember the second half of the 20th century. Walls of police with riot shields. Race-baiting dicksplash Enoch Powell posing imperious at a podium with the Union Jack. Some uplifting bits too, the kid in profile totally lost in his black power salute when everyone else is posing for the camera, Malcom X in Smethwick, even something in the untouchable cool of the suited guy walking past “Powell For PM!” graffiti. As ever Gee Bag’s flow matches that cool with understated grace even when audibly pissed off about “too many cunts in this country” or warning “all the shit that they did, they’re gonna pay for this”. The track’s pulled from their album “Respect Ya Elders” which is due out on Revorg June 19th. Pre-orders for the album are live now on Bandcamp.

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This entry was posted on June 5, 2020 by in Hip Hop Videos, New Release.
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