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[THE RETURN] Gunshot | Sulphur

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THE RETURN OF THE GUNSHOT CREW! Its been a long time since we’ve heard a peep from the East London team of Mercury, Alkaline and Whitechild Rix, but that time is over. With an intriguing social media campaign running for the last couple of months hinting at new material, we now see the release of Sulphur, their first official release since 2000’s International Rescue. Alas, this track doesn’t feature a vocal appearance from Alkaline, but Mercury proves that he still has the way with words which came to be so familiar to UK heads after 1993’s Patriot Games. With a limited edition 7″ vinyl available from Naked Ape, hopefully this is a 21 gun salute that the Gunshot crew are back in the game. < Koaste

“The web that I weave is pure vividness / the moves that I make is pure wickedness / the face of my father I can’t recognise – everything I write in rhyme becomes weaponised” < Mercury | Gunshot Sulphur

One comment on “[THE RETURN] Gunshot | Sulphur

  1. Boris Olifünf
    February 8, 2020

    Hi guys,
    I struggle to find your contact details. I’d like to ask if you’d like to review the next Gunshot single also. Please get in touch

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