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Welcome to the South Easy

Roast Beatz ft/ MysDiggi x Ella Mae Sueref | Let It Go

Back from the dead! Its your boy Koas’ K. I’ve been roaming the Mexican wastelands chuffed off my tittays on ayahuasca and playing backgammon with my forefathers, so I’ve been neglecting my duties a bit over here at The273. Anyway, my homeslick Roast Beatz has this new video out with MysDiggi (fka Mystro) and Ella Mae Sueref and I thought I’d drag myself out of my vodka and hallucinogenic haze to get it posted up here and hopefully kick start a little bit more interaction with this site in my soul. Hell, I’ve got a bit more time after walking out of work and calling my boss a cunt the other evening. Anyway, peep game. Definitely a vid to get your feet tapping. < Koaste

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