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B-Movie Millionaires (Lee Scott & Black Josh) | Social Media

I’ve been saying social media is over for years now but in the last couple of weeks my teenage kids have started to agree with me so I reckon this might finally be the year the whole fetid bubble starts to collapse in on itself. Sometimes I figure there might be a new wave of sites which thrive by giving the user more power than algorithms and advertisers, other times I think the concept is beyond salvation. Maybe I’m just an anti-social bastard. Whatever. Right now it feels like it’s time for blogs to make a serious comeback.

Anyway. The other day my Facebook friend Lee Scott posted something about having ten projects queued up ready for release this year. Here’s a teaser for the first up, a collaboration with Black Josh and Sam Zircon called “Attack of the 50,000 ft SWEG LAWDS from Outer Space” due out on January 16th on Blah Records on illuminati lizard green vinyl. Click through to YouTube for smart ass comments about posting the video on Facebook and links to follow Josh, Scott and Zircon on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Spotify and Bandcamp.

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