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DJ Supreme ft/ Ice-T x The Icepick | ARCTIC II

Oh my. DJ Supreme has obviously held on to some of his contacts from the Rhyme Syndicate days as he’s gone and linked with former label boss turned CSI operative Ice-T for ARCTIC II alongside UK veteran The Icepick, and IT KNOCKS. Seriously. This is classic Hijack britcore brought up to date for the one eight (I know its 2017, but it rhymed, so fuck you). This is also a rare example of a collaboration between US and UK rappers that doesn’t sound uncomfortable or phoned in. Plus Ice has gone and turned up for the video shoot which is a boss move. Excellent stuff. < Koaste

One comment on “DJ Supreme ft/ Ice-T x The Icepick | ARCTIC II

  1. Joseph Grainger
    September 10, 2017

    Wicked! Absolutely wicked! Thanks for the heads up. This is The Britcore that as a 15 year old British kid I thought would put us in the map. I thought it would never die. Well DJ Supreme has carried it on his back since day 1 and now brought it firmly up to date. This is so fresh! From the bottom of my heart, thank you Supreme!

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