"Up to date / state of the art / take part, get taken apart as I make my mark"

Welcome to the South Easy

Slaughterhouse | Chopping Block

New joint from Slaughterhouse sees Joell Ortiz, Crooked I and Joe Budden join Royce 5’9″ on this banging Nottz beat. Bars on bars on bars. I’ve been a bit underwhelmed by a few of House Gang’s last releases, but this one shows they might be close to getting back on form. Taken from Royce’s Bar Exam 4 mixtape which drops in a few hours over hurrrr. < Koaste

“I’m confused like seeing my jewish homie rocking a swastika during hanukka instead of rocking a yarmulke / or Stevie Wonder gawking at Rhianna’s exotic erotic body through the wrong side of some top dollar binoculars” < Crooked I | Chopping Block

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