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Welcome to the South Easy

A Star | #TwoZeroOneSeven


Weird one, this. It’s hard to figure out a better description off the top of my head than a recent comment underneath the video on YouTube, “Positive bars on a crud beat,I’m feelin this…different“. On reflection it’s not quite so simple. The beat is crud for sure, if by crud you mean grimey, dutty, stinkin’, motivational, energised. And the bars are different, that’s what makes them worth zooming in on. But are they positive? I guess that depends on how you feel about religion generally and Christianity in particular. No doubt A Star would see them as being positive. Christ keeps the peace in his soul and he’d rather have peace in his soul than peas on a lonely clart road. It’s the confession of a sinner riding a rocket out of hell, positive in a sense whether or not you figure it’s a rocket fuelled by delusion headed nowhere constructive or worse. But whatever. As music it’s fucking brilliant, and sometimes that’s all that counts.

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