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Big Toast | Save Yourself, Kill Them All

Big Toast, Save Yourself (660)

It’s hard to choose one line to quote from “Save Yourself, Kill Them All” because pretty much every one is philosophical gold. Some of the lines I don’t want to quote because I’m more of a pussy than Big Toast and therefore scared they might come and arrest me.

I’ve been here before with this song. For me it’s ironic that Toast has spoken elsewhere of his hatred for gym addicts because I’ll always associate this track with the brief time earlier this year when I was a member of our local gym. I know there’s no excuses but it was a last resort, most days I’m sat at a desk all day and for a couple of months it was the only real exercise I could afford, without it I would have been even more of a miserable twat than I usually am. They had a giant screen opposite the exercise bikes tuned to the most monotonous anonymous generic white pop imaginable, padded out with adverts for cosmetic surgery and loan sharks. I had my headphones on, turned loud to block out the ambience until the earache got too painful.

Listening to it in the gym was an interesting experience, perhaps not what you’d expect. It really brought home the beautiful disconnect between what he’s saying and the way he’s saying it. Sofa King’s perfectly judged touch of brass is built to soundtrack victory laps and highlight reels, words aside it’s actually decent workout music. Almost rousing enough to make the pain fade. Toast again shows his genius for the type of pop hook it’s tough not to sing out loud if you’ve been paying attention and, y’know, gotten into it. I didn’t sing it out loud in the gym, but I wanted to and that scares me. Not because I’m alienated enough to take the words more seriously than Toast but because it was the type of place where a few too many people looked like they might think I am.

Those who have slept should know that the EP of the same title is still available for download at whatever price you care to pay on Bandcamp or in physical form at the very reasonable price of £4 from Revorg.


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