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Normanton Street | Life’s Real EP

Normanton Street, Angelene (660)

No ifs, not buts, no doubts, “Angelene” is absolutely one-hundred percent brilliant. That ever-so-almost languid beat, so perfectly poised between couldn’t-give-a-fuck make-do time-keeping and nervous energy. But mostly Ned’s performance. He’s a star for now because he can keep his cool while expressing the same kind of degenerate desperation which fucks the rest of us up so badly. As he says “a young soul man in his prime” even semi-conscious on New Years eve, exhausted by Aberystwyth and asking someone he’s just met to roll the weed up. Is there any wonder she did what he asked her to do?

I’ve mixed feelings about the rest of the EP. There’s two more full length tracks and a couple of interludes. “First Night” and “The Interlude (Part One)” are decent showcases for singer Phoebe Freya, a powerful voice but just too smooth for my taste. She’s a belter with not quite enough rasp. If she’s a chainsmoker then possibly it’s a voice that will improve with age, in the meanwhile I figure I like her in the mix but not so much upfront. There’s a remix of last year’s very great single “Rakim (The 26th Year)” which is perhaps maybe not quite so very great as the original. And there’s the wicked tease of “The Interlude (Part Two)” where a vicious slow groove and interesting autobiographical bars from Nicholson fade away after eighty-six seconds just when you figure they might be about to explode.

More, please.

One comment on “Normanton Street | Life’s Real EP

  1. Kidd Ambition
    July 19, 2016

    very different music. seems like a mix of soul and funk. dig it. would i be able to be on your website?

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