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Welcome to the South Easy

Bomma B | Bombs Still About

Bomma B, Bombs Still About (660)

It’s not taking anything away from the high-vis impact of events like Skepta winning a BET award but for me it’s moments like this that make grime so addictive. I’ve a vague idea who Bomma B is, I think he was down with Birmingham’s Stay Fresh crew at one point and he had a spot on Saf One’s monumental “She Wants A Man From Brum” last year, now he appears to be part of something called Bomb Squad. But here he is telling me he’s still about and it’s reassuring even if I’m not quite sure why. Bomma might say it’s because he’s still breaking it down, talk of the town and back in full effect. Whatever, I’ll have to take his word for it. How the fuck would I know who’s the talk of Birmingham? Haven’t been there in years. I’m just impressed by his energy and ability to avoid looking too ridiculous in an empty industrial storage unit with a burnt out car, some old fire extinguishers and a couple of smoke bombs. Enormous fun.

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