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Tonga Balloon Gang (Mike Skinner & Murkage) | CCTV

Tonga Balloon Gang, CCTVBy a long shot my favourite thing Mike Skinner’s done since producing the first, shamefully undersold Mitchell Brothers album way way back in 2005. I figured great things may have been in the future back when Skinner retired The Streets with 2011’s Computers And Blues, an album that looks so dull I can’t even be bothered to pretend I’ve listened to it. Instead he chose to make bad indie music. This is more in the vein of “Routine Check“, Skinner clearly out of his depth but working brilliantly because he’s realistic and he knows what’s plausible. On “Routine Check” he came in near the end playing the baffled prole lad with a verse starting “I don’t get many routine checks these days…“. Here he sticks to the hook, a semi-engaged human voice behind the technology, a benign face for such potentially malevolent fixtures, “I do the CCTV…”

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