"Up to date / state of the art / take part, get taken apart as I make my mark"

Welcome to the South Easy

Joe Fire ft/Gi3mo | My Own Shit


Oh, man. Did I just say that someone else was Brighton’s finest? Changed my mind, guess I’m slippery like that. But truly, this verse from Gi3mo is incredible. His key line — “This land we’re in is full of twats and Gary isn’t having it/ Them angry, ratty, masochistic anglo-saxon activists” — rings especially clear and true in a week when here in the UK we’re forced to seriously contemplate the prospect of authoritarian Cruella De Vil lookalike Theresa May as our prime minister. In a more assured country the idea would be laughable but Giz is right. This is England. There’s a lot of angry masochists round here.

“My Own Shit” is from Joe Fire’s New Approach, The Mixtape which is streaming now on Soundcloud.

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