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Welcome to the South Easy

Slipjam Tonight! Yogocop Records Takeover

16_05_04 Slip Jam

Another month, another essential Jam from the cream of Brighton’s oceanic talent-pool. Those who know what’s best for them will of course be down at The Albert at 8pm sharp to witness or add their voice to the freestyle madness, lightweights may want to note that the Yogocop takeover is due to start at 9.30 and the full scale Team Dreebs rinse out is scheduled for 10.45. Those not fully versed in the magical world of Yogocop should make up some kind of excuse to knock off work early today so as to fully immerse themselves in Harvs & KLB’s recent, excellent, Leanworks set on Bandcamp and assorted limited edition (instantly sold-out) vinyl releases now streaming, amongst other goodies, on Yogocop’s Soundcloud.

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