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Slipjam Tonight! Bobbie Johnson & Holly Flo Lightly

15_09_03 Slip Jam

It’s only right that Bobbie Johnson is on the Slipjam bill this month for the second time in less than twelve months. She’s the type of character who’s the ability to own any stage she steps on. Watching her step up at an open mic is like seeing Ghostface stealing the show at a Killa Bees showcase. It’s not even a matter of her being the best MC up there (though often she is) but the most mature, the most assured.

Going back home and listening to her records away from the beer and celebration that assurance unravels a little, as it does with most artists worth shit. She’s conflicted, lyrically nuanced enough to veer from the imperious postures of a track like “Move On” from 2014’s Circles EP where she talks about being a really tall tree and instructs people to “be calling me your majesty” to the almost spiteful neurosis of this year’s loose highlight “Fuck It Up” whose singalong chorus laments “give me a chance and I’ll fuck it up all over again, I’m my own worst enemy“.

Support is from Holly Flo Lightly. I hear she’s pretty good, too.

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