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REMI | Call it What You Want (F. Y .G. Act: 2) [FREE DL]


Okay, this post is a good example why I should try and be more efficient at checking my email submissions. I finally got round to checking this new mixtape from REMI, an artist I don’t know, but his press release got through my bullshit filters, so I thought I’d give it a check. Still got a soft spot for a dash of Australian Hip-Hop since my time there in 09, and REMI is from Melbourne, where me and the homie Longusto got up to some shit back then. Anyway, the mixtape is pretty good and well worth a listen. Turns out he this side of the world last night, in Brighton playing a gig as part of the Great Escape Festival, which I might well have checked out if I’d stumbled across the email a little quicker. REMI, I apologise. The mixtape is nice though yo.
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