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Slipjam Tonight! Ceezlin, Big Toast & Jack Diggs, Chukkii

15_05_06 Slip JamI caught the arse end of a conversation on Facebook the other day when someone pointed out that Mobb Deep are also playing Brighton tonight. Slipjam bossman Tom Hines came back with the witty “who?” but there’s actually a serious point to be made here. Why would anyone want to shell out over twenty quid to get all nostalgic over a foreign crew about twenty years past their best when you’ve got British talent on peak form performing for free ten minutes down the road? The fact you’ll pay the same price for a pint of piss at the Concorde as you would for a decent drink at the Albert is just a bonus.

Having said that I can’t vouch for the quality of Ceezlin’s current form because it’s a while since I’ve heard anything fresh by him, but I’m looking forward to checking out his new material.

On the other hand Big Toast’s new CD The Wedding Fund is the work of someone on top of his game, one of the best albums I’ve heard so far this year. Toast is a man who raps like he’s got absolutely nothing to lose. Sometimes he makes sharp, witty points, sometimes he calls himself an “old cunt”, sometimes I think he’s totally full of shit, but  isn’t that the case with most rap worth listening to? I’ve never seen him live before, but on record he’s a devastating bundle of frustrated energy ready to explode at the slightest spark. If he can bring half of that power to the stage it’ll be a memorable night.

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