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VVV | Anguish Gang | Video x Free Audio Download

cappo_660Two things. First about Cappo. He’s one of my favourite emcees, the first English emcee I heard who actually had me thinking he was cool, so I’ve seen a lot of footage of him over the years and I’m fairly sure this is the first time I’ve seen any of him smiling. Second about Juga-Naut. For some reason he reminds me of Ghostface here, particularly when he says “fan me down with a palm leaf” and “scrambled eggs is my thing/Silk pajamas while I dance with a swing“.

Third thing. Love this track. Love the little bit of tune in the background that sounds like it’s on some kind of high-pitched string instrument. Sitar? Dunno. Fourth thing. Love the writeup on Soundcloud, Juga-Naut taking the piss out of us clueless fucks in the bl*g*sph*r*, “Paul, Jordan & Thomas experiment over future beats to an exciting level. Watch their brilliant visuals for this recording…

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